Thursday, January 15, 2009

11.1.09 Autumn's Glory, designed by Huib Petersen

Automn's Glory necklace was designed by one of the most talented bead artists I have ever known: Huib Petersen.
I admire his detailed beaded nature scenes and amazed by his compositions. From all the meticulous details, imitating beautiful Nature scenes, his pieces makes me feel life, spring and joy. In other word,

One of the best pictures to demonstrate Huib's love to bead, nature and what he is doing, is here. Look at the sea creatures on his desk :-) It looks to me as if it was taken from a splendid dream.

I deciphered the necklace from this picture and worked on it for a week. I would absolutely recommend you to attend one of his workshops. I think you will be very privileged if you can, I wish I would.
Huib also provides kits, so you can contact him here.
Thank you Huib for inspiring me and kindly allowing me to put these pictures on my blog!

Varda was right in that sense she thinks I should have located the leaves a bit differently for purpose of luminosity balance (exchange the yellow and brown leaves or put the yellow in the middle, then the peach and last the brown one). I'll try to recall that for future works.


squash said...

What a gorgeous necklace, I love your beading work very much!

Anonymous said...

I had the honor to see and touch this gorgious "piece of nature" you have beaded :-)

Ju, you bring such a different style to us, and that is fantastic, looking forward to see more soon!



Betticus said...

it is so nice :))

Anonymous said...

Beautifull necklace.