Tuesday, July 29, 2008

28.7.08 Impossible Tetrahedron

Well Gwen, you encouraged me to try the impossible tetrahedron after the impossible triangle. I am not sure it is without mistakes.
Only you can tell ;-)
I had to do the the embellishing row in three sessions ?! Wasn't it supposed to be one session as in the impossible triangle?

Have a look on Gwen's impossible tetrahedron!


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Gwen Fisher said...

Very nice! You (almost) got it. I can see in the bottom photo (blue background) that one of the twists is in the wrong direction. If you look at the apex, you can seen the two downward edges twist in opposite directions rather than in the same direction. Each face (a triangle with 3 edges) should make its own
"impossible triangle." I'm still impressed that you tried and got as far as you did. These things are a real puzzle, eh?


judith27k said...

Hi Gwen,
That's a bit dissapointing, but I guess this will be a lesson for another time.


Gwen Fisher said...

Hey, I didn't get the triangle right the first time. But if were easy, it wouldn't be as much fun.

judith27k said...

Right :-)

Anonymous said...

Impossible !
Quelle patience, quelle superbe forme.
Je suis toujours impatiente de venir faire un tour sur ton blog pour admirer tes créations.