Thursday, May 22, 2008

22.5.08 Gwen Fisher's Impossible Beaded Triangle

It succeeded!
This impossible and intricate triangle occupied me for about three hrs, but now that I understand how to do it I am sure it can take much much less.
It would be interesting to try it with different colours also, as the one that did Gwen Fisher.
Again, I tried to reproduce one of Gwen Fisher's creation (from the Bead infinitum site) and as she writes, she got inspiration to do this triangle from Roger Penrose's impossible triangle, who also inspired the genius artist M.C. Escher to incorporate it into his famous lithograph "Waterfall" (1961) after reading Penrose's article (see the way leading to the waterfall in Escher's litograph - which are in fact, two connected impossible triangles)
This intricate infinity also reminds me of Escher extraordinary and impossible beigels.
I wasn't sure I connected it properly since I knew from Gwen's triangles that it might be tricky, but when I saw that all the AB 15/0 greenish-golden beads became all only one edge - I could relax :-)


Ronit Florence said...

you're really on a roll with these complex beaded beads - amazing work and patience!!! kol hakavod!!!

edalia said...

אהבתי את כל מה שיצרת/כתבת/תארת
מאד מאד נהנית לקרוא בבלוג שלך- לא תמיד מגיבה אבל הפעם עשתי כן
תמשיכי ליצור בכף
דליה edalia

Betina Sandra Guelman said...

נתתי לך פרס לבלוג שלך אצלי בבלוג על הבלוג ה יפה שלך!

judith27k said...

Thank you Ronit, Edalia and Betina!

Gwen Fisher said...

You final comment here of how you know you did it right made me smile. In case you didn't figure it out yet, it's easiest to start in the middle of an edge rather than at a corner. It's easier to finish that way. I recently made an "impossible" tetrahedron using the same technique. Try it!

Coco said...

Bravo ! Pas facile sûrement !