Sunday, May 18, 2008

18.5.08 Jessica Beels Two-layer Virus Bead

In the center appears - Jessica Beel's Virus bead, at the left- my trial and at the right - Varda's trial.

Varda and I apparently fully deciphered Jessica Beels Two-layer Virus Bead. You can also visit Jessica's beautiful gallery at If you have the beadwork magazine subscription, you will find this month (June/July 2008) an explanation for another beaded bead designed by Jessica: "Deliciously Diagonal Beaded Bead".
Regarding the virus bead, this time, I tried to make the bead from its units, as did Varda, instead of one "beaten work", as my first trial, and it seems to be the right answer. It takes about 3 hrs of work and I still have a challenge to try it as my first trial in one beaten work. The problem is that it might get distortions...

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