Friday, May 30, 2008

30.5.08 Bead infinitum - "Four Of Spades Bead" - part II

Ok, now I think we did it.

After a great workshop I had today, Varda joined me to try again the "Four of Spades Bead" which appears in Fig. 14 in Gwen Fisher and Blake Mellor's paper:
"Three-dimensional finite point groups and the symmetry of beaded beads" (Journal of Mathematics and the Arts, Volume 1, Issue 2 June 2007 , pages 85 - 96)
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I think we deciphered it. I am not sure because the connections might be different. We made it into two parts, as I concluded from last time and Varda really helped me with the connection step.

Another happy beading day is almost over!

You can have a look on other versions of the "Four Of Spades Bead" done by Lisa (Eclats Blog) and Andrea Kurth.

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Florence Turnour said...

Hey, nice work! You mentioned your thread path may be different from ours; did you use the Fringe Method? Look at our free pattern for the Spinning Top. The Four of Spades is made with fancier fringe and some embellishment, but that method is the underlying technique. Here's the free pattern.
Florence Turnour