Monday, June 2, 2008

2.6.08 The ugly red hair lady who put too much lipstick

I was trying to make one of Valerie Hector's tubular polygons ( the triangular cube, p.108-109 in her book "The Art of Beadwork") when it became a beaded bead that I didn't know what to do with. So I just kept on and one end of the beaded bead became a skirt, then a ball dress and finally an ugly red hair lady with too much lipstick on her lips (French 18/0 vintage rocaille seed beads). Ugly work, the white thread is sticking out, but a good study on 3D sculptural beadwork (my first freeform sculpture).
After making this lady, I recalled that Svetlana has written a post on that subject recently ("Beading with Humor"). Few days ago, I just ran through that post and didn't have time to indepth the subject properly. But now, I was curious to check it out to see if there was in common between my lady and those 3D beaded persons.
I put below links to fantastic 3D beaded characters, I recommend you to visit:
Joyce J. scott - "Vaulted" and see more of Joyce J. Scott's in the same gallery and also this man with this watermelon. There is surely much more, but I unfortunately don't know about one place/book that gathers Joyce J. Scott fabulous and genius work that I wish I could see one day.
David K. Chatt - "Confrontation in the Green Room" Woow! I wish I can see in reality this supreme masterpiece one day!
Sig Wynne Evans - Collectibles - 5 gallery pages with plenty of funny peyote beaded persons, go check it out!

Killing two birds with one stone, I had today a visit of a nice Turtle Dove bird (Streptopelia turtur) תור מצוי. Isn't it pretty?


Smadar's Treasure said...

I love it! she is ugly in such a beautifully way :D I love the way you detailed her face and fingers,
very humoristic and charming!

Thanks for the links to Joyce Scott amazing work.


judith27k said...

Thank you Smadar!

Betina Sandra Guelman said...

I love it!
very humoristic !!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

She might be ugly in your eyes, but she is a piece of art, a humoristic creation. Would love to see her soon:-)

What a pleasure to see how you "play around" and experiment with beads, creating with all the colors and combinations of the rainbow and far beyond, and bead in "unusual shapes".