Saturday, June 14, 2008

13.6.08 Evolution of Flat Circular Pinwheel Earrings

A dear friend kindly taught me the technique of the flat circular pinwheel inspired by June Huber's Peyote Pinwheel Earrings.
I started the first pink pinwheel with 11/0 JP SB, 11/0 JP triangles, 6/0 CZ SB and 6/0 CH SB. Though I made some mistakes I was curious to see how this pinwheel evolves. I finished the pink pinwheel and started a new one with different sizes and colors. This time, I took turquoise SB; 15/0 JP SB, 11/0 CZ SB, 11/0 JP SB and 8/0 JP SB. It looked good and I kept on beading another pinwheel for the second earring. When I saw that 2 pinwheels together gives also a very nice result for an earring , I just sewed them together to these new earrings with a shape that reminds me of an arabesque motive.
Thank you very much my dear friend for the motivation, inspiration and explanations!


maripas said...

superbes et originales!
merci pour le lien!

olga said...

J'adore! Quelles belles boucles d'oreilles! Je ne connaissais pas mais j'admire!