Monday, May 5, 2008

4.5.08 Seven Blue Days influenced by the upcoming 60th Independence day celebration of Israel (8.5.08)

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For the last seven days, I found myself working a lot with blue beads, not knowing exactly why (it's not really my favorite colour). Maybe the 60th Independence day influence?!
Double Layer Netted Bracelet
The blue unfinished bracelet is taken from Diane Fitzgerald' s- "Double Layer Netted Bracelet" in her book "Netted Beadwork" (p.77-p.80). Few weeks ago, I had the occasion to feel this wonderful and simple bracelet, with such a smooth and fluent touch (thank you Orly 99!). To think that I had the book, but never thought of doing this project before...
Netted Flowers
Trying to get rid of some Chinese seed beads, I made Barbara L. Grainger "Netted Flower"- from her wonderful book "Dimensional Flowers, Leaves & Vines" (p.10-p.13). I made the center like a "Kippah". It was so enjoying that I decided to make more and more of those netted flowers but smaller and smaller . Reducing the netted flower to the first smaller size, still working with 11/0 sb, was OK, but more than that was too much and made me altered the tiny netted flower to an unfinished pale blue flower (see the small flower at the left of the second picture). I am still trying to think on how to improve it...
Beaded Beads... Flowers
Curious to made one, after seeing Ronit Florence's beautiful flower necklace based on Murida Gardiner Free project - "Beaded Beads... Flowers ", I discovered a simple and interesting way Murida uses for her flowers (see my example at the left of the virus beaded bead). I believe using two contrasting opaque colours will give a nice result for those small flowers.
Two-layer Virus Bead
Finally, Varda and I were surfing on the net, till we got to Jessica Beels amazing gallery. We encountered what Jessica Beels calls the - " Two-layer Virus Bead ". We both were very enthusiastic to know how it was done. On the same day, I had a version of this beaded bead finished, based on finding and learning the Icosidodecahedron polyhedron geometric form. The result needs some better finishes, but Varda already gave me an idea on how to do it... It contains so many "Star of David" with all these pentagons, it suits very well "Yom Ha'atzmaut" (Independence day).
I wish you all a very Happy Holiday!


Shelley Nybakke said...

You do some beautiful work with your beading. The colors, the stitching, everything is just perfect.

Anonymous said...

These are gorgeous. Love the color.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha, the blues......longing for your friends from the beading community LOL.

Aha, that is the reason why we have not seen you for a`ve been beading the blues :-) Looks great, and I love the color!



Ronit Florence said...

Great new pieces!

If you're interested in complex beaded beads you may want to check out this article:

Have fun, Ronit