Thursday, July 3, 2008

2-3.7.08 Deliciously Diagonal Beaded Bead Designed by Jessica Beels

The project "Deliciously Diagonal Beaded Bead Designed by Jessica Beels" appears in Beadwork Magazine, June-July 08 issue. However, notice that there are mistakes in the instructions (Fig. 5, you need to pass also through the last bead added in the previous raw and get up into the two diagonal extreme SBs). I succeeded making the croissant with the great help of the French forum , only after my fourth trial :-(
Anyway, I was very satisfied to have overcame it and succeeded getting this croissant shape finally, instead of the burekas ones...
Each earring is 7 cm long and takes between 1.5-2 hrs of work, if you understand well what to do.
Click here to see the corrections.

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Gwen Fisher said...

Haha! It took me five tries to make one. You win! My first try I just finished to see what I would get. It's a puffy triangle, which looks more like a turnover than the croissant it should be.