Thursday, July 22, 2010

22.7.10 Bezalel Exposition

One of the cool things we did together Einat and myself during this hell hot summer, was to go visit the Bezalel (Jerusalem art school) Exposition for the year's end.
I was especially touched and amused from a 3D story made with cardboard and wire by an artist called Itai ron Gilboa. It tells about a love story between the bull "Mazal-tov" and the bird "Isabella". Below are some pictures that can poorly reflect how cute and charming this display was.

Another interesting display, this time by Orly Montag "Made of China", was a whole wall filled with white small dolls in small plaster frames. Many of them were the same, but some distinguished from the others and had a strong expression, such as the following one:

and what are the elements in the following picture made of?

Yep! Citrus fruit peels objects designed and produced by Ori Zonenshtein.

Last, I couldn't find the artist name, but an impressive room were filled with tones of small penguins, I think from plasticine, each and each different! (it's ashame the picture I took cannot transmit properly this beauty, but I put it here just to give you a small taste).

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