Wednesday, July 21, 2010

21.7.10 Triangle pendant for Einat - designed by Veres Zsuzsi

About two years ago, I reproduced Veres Zsuzsi' s Triangle which remained so long orphan in my beaded elements box.
My friend Einat once saw it and really loved it. That was a good solution to salvage this triangle, so I told myself I would one day offer it to her with an accompanying necklace.
The opportunity to see her arrived and I managed to bead the night just before our meeting a suiting necklace, also from Veres Zsuzsi' s original designs. I will repeat myself again, by I have to say I really deeply admire this woman and her incredible talent/creativity. I wonder how does she (and few other beaders that can be counted on one hand fingers) manages to be so creative, to bead as much as she does, to raise up children, preparing them stunning birthday cakes and probably much more, learning constantly new crafts and arts and also work. HOW??? It remains a giant mystery to me. I just wish I had this strength to bead more, to further express my creativity and well exploit my time.


Pelantura said...

Qué bonita la combinación de verdes, enhorabuena!!!

jhon tim said...

beautiful and nice