Sunday, July 11, 2010

30.5-11.7.10 Lotuses of the Nile Necklace designed by Melanie Potter

30.5-1.6.10, 19.6
Motivated by a friend, I also decided to challenge myself and try to bead Melanie Potter's Lotus flower, following her beautiful chevron stitch "wildflowers earrings" design, published in the Beadwork Magazine of April/May 2010 (pp.36-38).
The picture published in "beadweaving masters" (p.186) was my main guide, having in my mind to stick to the chevron stitch, along with "Riverlea beads" post.
After several trials and errors, when I was almost finished with what I thought was similar to the "Lotuses of the Nile", I discovered 2 wrong interpretations of mine with seed beads size and the fact that the lotus is dimensional and not flat. When I started all over again, I managed to accomplish something quiet similar.
I loved the balanced design, the color palettes and the integration of both.
I truly thank Melanie for the source of inspiration which also lead me to reproduce this necklace.

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