Friday, August 8, 2008

8.8.08 Purple Sunshield Earrings inspired by Elaine Sutton (Gypsy Moon)

In the beginning of my journey with beadwork, I saved a picture of earrings that I liked very much. Later on I couldn't track back its origin, till I found the site of Elaine Sutton a few days ago.
Look at those wonderful "Sunshield" earrings, it's no surprise they are so inspiring. I did mine with peyote stitch, while I think Elaine ones' are done with square stitch, but the idea remains the same...


Betina Sandra Guelman said...


Raija said...

Wow these ara great, something like Native American style.

laulo said...

very nice work ! something like dreamcatchers ! love it !

Raija said...

Thank you for your visit:), I try to write a few words of English, so that the foreign blog visitors can understand what I did. After all, the photos have been much help to you, but a few words in my view is the sheer friendliness.
See you and good day to you!

Shimshoni said...

Hi, Judith!
Yes, I send the letter to the correct address, I've checked with your blog... It's so sad your didn't received it. I should have leave a comment here then... Stupid me:) But I'm happy to hear again from you!
I'll find that old letter and resend it to you below.
Shana Tova u Metuka!

I resend to you the letter i've send to you in march, 27.
Hope I'll got it this time:)

Hi, Judith!
You have so many links to wonderful artists! Thank you for the link on my blog too!;)
I make beads from household silicone, and in the same technique from artistic acrylic pastes too. Silicone beads feel more like rubber and acrylic beads looked and feel like plastic, polymer clay, or (if are made from a transparent paste) even like glass.
I make mostly raspberries and flowers (roses, sunflowers) from silicone, but never have seen any "chocolates":) - very interesting, what they may look like!:)
Yes - I can make for you silicone or acrylic beads - ask me if you need more information. Name any color and size (I can easily make raspberries, roses, "hog-like" beads and sunflowers and can try grapes and corn too). Since march I've made a lot of new beads, you can see them at my Picasa album -
I have published my master-class about working with silicone, it's in Russian but you can look at some pics there - - ask me if you don't understand some details. It's aquarium or household silicone plus Wilton cake decoration technique.
I know two more girls from Russia, who started work with silicone before me and now there a few more after I've published my master-class:) I've tried to find someone else who works in this technique but never found no one, so I think it's my own know-how, especially acrylic paste technique.
My e-mail at gmail dot com in case you will not receive my letter again and have more questions.

Thank you for your interest!
Elena Samsonova (Shimshoni)

Alexandra said...

Hi Judith, I've been regularly watching your blog and your works are big ispiration for me. Nice work :-)

gwenbeads said...

I love the earrings in this post. Thei shape is beautiful!

judith27k said...

Thank you Gwen

Anonymous said...

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