Sunday, May 16, 2010

13-16.5.10 Fontenay aux Roses and the "Tarte au pommes Normandaise"

During the "Shiva" on grandma, Ariane, my cousin's partner, was just our great guardian angel.
She took care of us for the stay, the food and all that we needed.
She is full of beans and taught me how to make the "Tarte au pommes Normandaise"!

and yes, it WAS a success!
so here is the recipe:

Ariane's Normandy apple tart

The ratio should be of about 200g "liquid" slim white flour : 100 g butter

Ingredients for dough
• 315 g white flour
• 40 g white sugar
• 125 g soft butter cut into small pieces approximately of 2 cm
• carefully and gradually add a quarter cup of cold water - to harden the soft butter

- Add the ingredients and mix well with your hands to create a bloc. Add water if necessary. The dough should not be too crumbs, but more consistent.
- Leave to rest between half an hour for two hours
- Roll a circle out of the dough on a map with some flour, in order to reach a thickness of about 4 or 5 mm
- To fix the holes if there are any, take some water and use it to add external dough parts to merge to the circle
- Fold the circle into 4
- Move to a round baking dish, by putting the circle on a cookie sheet and deploy again when inside the dish. You can move the sheet a little better to put the circle nicely in the middle.
- Cut the excess and use them for decoration over, such as for tart bands

Ingredients for the filling
• About 8 small apples, peeled, pitted and sliced to segments
• a packet of vanilla sugar
• white sugar
• bleached sliced almonds

- Preheat the oven to 180 Celsius degrees
- Add the apple slices from the outside towards the inside,very dense, almost standing on each other. Depending on the size of the baking dish, you can reach up to 3 circles plus/minus
- Scatter over the apples the packet of vanilla sugar and the sugar (about 3 or 4 tablespoons)
- Decorate the tart
- Add butter pieces on top of the tart

- Put in the oven at 180 Celsius degrees about 20 minutes or until the apples soften when you prick them with a toothpick
- In a pan, fry the sliced almonds in butter. When dropped from the fire, scatter some sugar and mix.
- Disperse the roasted almonds on top of the tart before serving

Bon Appetit!

Some pictures of the inspiring apartment of my aunt with a beautiful view on the surrounding.

The bag above is apparently a Dutch Knitted bag with tiny vintage beads (I think even smaller than 18/0), that my aunt bought in some Antique shop. It is just beautiful!
My aunt gave me as a present a superb antique German lace-crochet book ""Irische Spitzen" from 1900!
When will I have the time to explore all its content?

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