Tuesday, April 27, 2010

27.4.10 My 1st Publication In Print - The Flame Tree Flowers Earrings

About almost a year ago (27.5.09), overwhelmed from the magnificent Brachychiton acerifolius blooming in my surrounding, I decided to immortalize that moment by beading flowers that will not wither.
This is how the Flame Tree Flowers Earrings were born.

Today, I got 2 copies of the Jun/Jul 2010 Bead&Button magazine, issue #97. One of them with a kind note, that something I might be interested in appears on p.48:

and indeed very interesting ;-)

As you can see, I prepared several versions in order to test if my instructions were correct and how I could improve the design.

I can't express how much I appreciate the work done by the B&B team from the very beginning of all this process till the moment I got the earrings back.
When I saw the 1st draft revised by the Editor Julia Gerlach who tested my project, I had one thing in mind. How PROFESSIONAL you are! No words and just a pleasure to work with people like these that know how to present and write so nicely, clearly and concise.
This is my first ever publication and this leaves me with a good feeling. I never managed to publish when I was in Plant Science Research, so this is for me a great opportunity to compensate on that with this article :-)
Additionally, it was great to receive B&B newsletter and see the promotion of my earrings handmade by Julia Gerlach:

Finally, I surely hope you will enjoy beading them and surprise me with your versions of it!


Miriam said...

Dear Judith,
I follow your blog and wanted to say Mazal Tov on your first publication. Good for you for combining your love of flowers with your love of beading!


Beady Little Eye (BDi) said...

Congratulations on being published! Keep up the good work!

luz said...

I love your jewelry, and this design is awesome as usual, I enjoy beadwork of flowers or nature.
Thank you for sharing with us and congratulations on being published in BNB !
As I love this design I'll rush to have this BNB issue !

pajaro said...

Congratulations! Your flowers are really near to the originals.

shuli said...

ג'וד, התוצאה יפהפייה ! במודיעין אנחנו מוקפים בברכיכיטונים (אלה עם הפרח הורוד נפוצים ביותר) והם מעוררי השראה ביותר.
תמשיכי ליצור וברכות על הפרסום!

Gauri Gharpure said...


mariposanegra said...

Hi, my name is karina, i don`t speak english but, I try, because your creations are beautifull. You are my idol, all very nice, sorry for my bad english. Bless... Bye

Chrisbeads said...

I follow your blog regularly and just love these earrings (and the pomegranate ones as well).

judith27k said...

Dear All,

Thanks so much for all your kind words and positive feedback!


Macrame said...

I just love those earrings, so beautiful! I have a Macrame blog and I would love to feature one of your designs for our readers!

judith27k said...

Thanks Macrame and with pleasure