Monday, May 24, 2010

24.5-20.7.10 Two Herringbone Bracelets

Thanks to Daffi's mom, I started teaching beadwork to a new student that was found to be in love with herringbone.
So we started with 2 herringbone bracelets.
The first one is based on the B&B edition book "Basic Beadwaving Herringbone Stitch" with the "basic bracelet" designed by Julia Gerlach, appearing on p.7. However, we used only 11/0 seed beads to simplify.
For the clasp and toggle, I made a stick and donut also based on Herringbone. Unfortunately, I don't know who should I give to the credit for the idea of the beautiful donut. The stick ends were a development of mine.
I was very satisfied to learn this simple trick of adding a bead to the end of the herringbone row that serves as the turn to the next row and also decorates nicely the bracelet.

Again, I don't know who to give the credit for the following 4mm cubes and 11/0 seed beads herringbone bracelet pattern.
The button is based on the "Glitzy Button Bracelet, variation of netting" from Alice Korach 's "Beading with cubes and triangles" book, pp.19-20.

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