Wednesday, October 31, 2007

31.10.07 Nice surprise!

Looking for a new project, I tried to find some inspiration or an idea.
I had one, but choosing the colours is still a tough task for me and I still need to think of the technique I will use to realize it, which is even tougher.
So I told myself, why not go and visit some bead blogs?
However, about a month ago, Mali1 unraveled to me a new fantastic world of a talented artist, named "Svetlana Eltsova".
It was a discovery. Not only the artist herself but her wonderful blog and all the links she gives there.
I remember I had been there for 1 mn and told myself "I MUST come back when I have time" in order to visit it thoroughly. I then put the link to her blog in a special place, separately from the sea of links I accumulate without even time to arrange them by categories, hoping to come back sometime.
N.B. The blog link is:

Finally, today I thought to jump to her blog and start breathing some inspiration.

The funny thing is that I suddenly found myself there :), in the post of "Forget me not flower necklace" which was one of the pieces I fell in love from the first sight in my first quicky visit about a month ago. She brought there my margarita bracelet and ring I did in July 2007:

I had to share it!

I bring here a bad resolution picture which shows all the context of my "discovery".

By the way, Svetlana is specializing in floral beading and what I like so much in her blog (that I have only started to discover) is her writing that is so associative! She collects various artists works which tried to give an answer to a specific subject. Each one takes his own way and they often have a lot in common.
I recommend you to go there.
I think the universe had something to tell me. If you look for self design and creation, you can look outside, but finally the only place you will find it is in yourself. This is the real place where you should look for it. The problem is that it seems the most unreachable place in the world, too many clouds are hiding the sight, too many trees in front of the path, too many light blind your eyes and it is difficult to close your eyes, concentrate and still remain awake and creative.


agle2207 said...

Très joli blog, bravo

Lc said...

Hello from Azores.