Tuesday, October 30, 2007

"A Russian Style Batterfly with an A"

Thanks to Betybou for sharing with me this Russian style butterfly scheme.
The butterfly was designed by Varvara, in her book "My Beaded Garden", p.64-65.

On the scheme it was written: " Diagram for Batterfly Necklace", with an A instead of U.

I found it amusing.

I hope Nomnom will like it because this is for her.

She was complaining she was wearing all the time the same purple necklace with leaves I had given her.

She likes brown and didn't have a jewel to suit her brown guarderobe.

I hope it can suit, though I am afraid the colours are a bit special.

I felt bad with myself I didn't have time to make her a special jewel for her wedding, so I hope I can compensate just a little bit with this one.

In some moments I really dislike all this colours together and sometimes I find it nice. Brown dress with blue eyes. I hope it looks fine.

The necklace is made with Ornelia czech seed beads and took me about 6-7 beading hrs.

I am just so proud of my small sis :-), have a look:

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zebra said...

" butterfly...stay with me don`t fly away.."

Well done! Make some more in different colors :-)