Friday, October 26, 2007

24.10.07 The first workshop I taught, The Hojas drops earrings and fly bracelet

This is a very special day for me.
On the 20.10.07 The Israeli bead commune I belong to celebrated 2 years.
On the 23.10.07 I celebrated one year of beading.
I have discovered that also "Benedicte" has celebrated recently one year of beading.
When I saw her work, I was depressed :0). You are a genius Benedicte! You are a true artist!
Her stuff is just INCREDIBLE.
If you don't know who I am talking about, please visit this site:
And I also recommend you to rush and buy in her new shop if you can allow yourself, because in a very little time from now it will be 10 time more costy and valuable, I can assure that!
Not to add that "p'tits cailloux" (Olga) - your last autumn collar - How do you do that??? It is A..m..a..z..i..n..g !
When I saw my first beading birthday was getting closer and closer, I decided I must do some special project for celebrating my first beading year.
This event is something which is so exciting for me, it is like a real birthday.
I have few projects in mind I would like to do, but I didn't have much time to actually do them and it requires also a lot of ongoing thoughts which are not here for the moment.
I uploaded some time ago in my bead commune the last two necklaces I did, including the second Hojas collar. I didn't expect that, but the Hojas took most of the attention. My friends asked me for a workshop.
Woow, a workshop to teach!
This was the best present I could offer myself for my first beading birthday!

Before I tell you about the preparations, I must tell you that it was fantastic! I enjoyed so much and felt so good. I couldn't slept after that, too much adrenalin.
For the first time in my life, I really felt I was teaching.
Now about the preparations:
I tried to break apart the collar to its principal motives, explain them and also practice them as much as can be done, in about 2-3 hrs.
I thought about making from the drop motif an earring or a pendant. I had three trials till I understood how I should make it. I even got it finally more flat then in the collar.
I also did the base of the earring with the daisy row, which is the base to the band of the collar.
Here, I cannot forget you Diane Fitzgerald for all your great help in my trial to understand how this band was made (and not only the band, but the main creation itself). Also thank you Chris Prussing, for your sharing and excellent explanations.
After the drop and the band, came the fly motif. I decided to make a bracelet.
Here you will see all the results.
The girls seem to have enjoyed. We had a great atmosphere and good food that each one brought. I don't have a picture of the event but I hope I will keep it for a long time in my mind.

If I get pictures from their work, I will upload it here.


Raija said...

Again this is so beautiful. Oh you have flowers in bloom there. Here in Finland we are waiting for snow.

Raija said...

Thank you to visiting in my blog :)
That grey semi-precious stone is foossilcoral. And yes I am writing in finish on my blog, my english is so bad. I speak it well but writing is so an so.

Anonymous said...

WOW Judith, so many reasons to celebrate! The workshop was great, as you wrote. For a "first time teacher" you were more than perfect! Thanx a lot for choosing to celebrate your first year of beading with us...I feel honored:-)

Looking foward to see what you will say and also the heigths you will reach with your extreme talent, towards your second beading anniversary!!