Thursday, October 4, 2007

16.9.07 Saragura Hojas II - from Matsuno seed beads only

This time I could use my new stock of Japanese seed beads in order to create this collar that I like so much.
As the second one I did (see, I think I improved myself and learned from old mistakes - but only one thing remains as before. The collar is not flat, it is dimensional as oppose to the one I tried to reproduce. I still don't really know why, maybe a thread tension story.
Anyway, working with uniform seed beads - it is a complete other story.


benedicte said...

Quel travail !!! Il est magnifique!! et quelle finesse. Bravo !!!

neora golan said...

מאוד יפה

Raija said...

Oh my god, this is beautiful. I am speechless.

zebra said...

So beautiful,
so interesting,
so colorful
>>> soooo much talent and patience:-)


artybecca said...

this is beautiful!!