Friday, October 26, 2007

26.10.07 "Little woman in the street" Hojas module, pine-needle bracelet (with a pinecone clasp) and Leaf drops!

I am so excited, there are already results from the workshop!

"Isha Ktana Barchov"- "little woman in the street" (strange nickname but it reflects her big modesty, she is exactly the opposite than a "small" person) just finished a module of the Hojas collar. It may become a bracelet. Let's wait and see.

It took her about six hrs, I think it is with ornelia seed beads and the picture you see is taken with different types of luminosity (including a scanning). It came out flat, like I like it. So maybe, the flatness also depends on the type of beads, but I also know that "little woman in the street" added few beads in the center of the drop, additionally to the edges, in order to adjust it to be flat.

I think the Saraguro women would be proud of us.

I am :)


Anonymous said...

"Little woman in the street" I admire your talent & beading! Well done!

Thanx for you tribute at Judith`s first workshop:-)


LWitS said...

Thanks, Judith, I'm honored to be here.
The workshop was great and I like the Saraguro technique.

I think the secret to flatness is not in the beads, but the pattern and the tension.
I changed your drop pattern a little, and was able to get a completely flat leaf/drop with Matsuno beads as well as Ornela.

I removed the two light-blue beads next to the white triplet on row 2,
and I changed all the dark blue doubles to triples (this may have been overkill, the last 2 or 3 of rows could have stayed doubles, I think).

But it is most important not to pull the thread too tight. It's not a problem if you can see it while beading a row - when you bead the next one, the horizontal beads will fill in the gaps.

Thanks again!

Zebra said...

"needles and pins" Great!!

Ju(ke)-box got me in the musical mood :-)