Tuesday, November 6, 2007

6.11.07 "Zebra" Hojas Bracelet with 2 different endings


Zebra originates from south Africa and lives in the desert of Israel.
She belongs to my israeli bead commune, she is very active in my blog - no way she is not up to date and she is also a friend.
You can see some of her works in the link below:

Namib Zebra came to the "Hojas drop and bracelet Workshop" directly from Eilat!
For us, in Israel, "Eilat - Rehovot" means crossing half the country. So you can imagine yourself how much I appreciate her for coming from that far to my workshop :)

Today, I have discovered how much perfectionist she is. Much more then I could imagine and even more perfectionist than I am!
I bring here above her two different options for the challenging ending of the Hojas asymmetric bracelet.
The "Before" was Zebra's first attempt to make the toggle and clasp as symmetric as possible (I think it is in ladder stitch). The "After" is her second attempt and it is made from a brick stitch clasp and a big bead as the toggle.

The "before" doesn't exist any longer. A long night of beading replaced it and I learned this morning that instead, the "after" bracelet was born in the shiny desert of Israel.

Zebra, I am happy to bring your work here in my blog.


Bénédicte said...

Ah oui ! il est très joli !
Je préfère la version avec le fermoir en métal.

rachelnelsonsmith said...

How cool is the Zebra bracelet? Waaay cool!