Saturday, November 10, 2007

10.11.07 My bead treasure card index

I spent the whole weekend on preparing that bead card index which is very difficult to photograph, especially with no daylight conditions.

Now, I can finally know what I have in one shot.

I think this card is going to be very helpful, at least I hope so, after all these hours (maybe 10 or more).

I still need to put the bugles and maybe the swarovski - but I did the most important part: all the seed beads.

I didn't put any identifying information next to the colors since I can't write on the material which I used. I don't know exactly what material it is, but is resembling very smooth foam.

Additionally, I recall most of the beads origin. I didn't track systematically what is what but I count on that I can recognize something if I want to buy some more of it. For the future, I think I'll start tracking more systematically, it would be more easy.

Anyway, it is a good and challenging exercise, to try and guess whether a bead is Matsuno, Toho, Miyuki, Czech or Chinese. It's another bead riddle.


Benedicte said...

Je vois que tu t'amuses bien !
Mais c'est une très bonne idée.

Anonymous said...

Great idea! I am sure that in the long and short run, you will benefit from the hours you`ve spent on making your bead index.

BTW "Little woman in the street" has such and index of swarovski.


LWitS said...

OMG, what a project! (And what a treasure)

Why didn't you write any identifying information next to the colors?