Thursday, April 10, 2008

Chapter II – the Aztec spiral

I was afraid thinking about the point when I will finish the spiral final length.
It took me few days to arrive to that point, while Omer was making fun of me – being so glued to my seat, playing with those beads.

I finally arrived to the point I wanted to avoid: THE CLASP ! ! !
I cannot detail all the ideas that ran through my mind for making this clasp and toggle – but there were many of them and in other words, none of them suited to my opinion. All the way to Eilat I tried to think about something with Omer – but nothing came out of it. Not to talk about the days after…
I got stuck.
That was frustrating.
I couldn’t start something else before finishing that collar and I had no idea how to do it!!!
Birgit Bergmann suggested I could use a snap fastener. I went to buy one and it cut my thread. She said it should be from plastic and I used one from metal….Grrrr….
For the first time in my beading life, I thought I would use a clasp from metal and I finally let it go. I thought it would take too much time to order it from the USA and get it.
Again stuck…

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