Sunday, April 6, 2008

6.4.08 Finally, a positive experience with polymer clay :-)

I think that today I really overcame my rational. I succeeded to make plenty of mistakes and experiencing new techniques for the first time, without discouraging myself and even enjoying the process of creation which lead me to somewhere unknown.
This time, I baked the mixed polymer clay (Fimo & Premo) for 30mn in my old oven on level #3-#4. I discovered that if I let it cool after baking it doesn't break :)

For the first time,
- I used the pasta machine and discovered through Omer that you can condition the clay by passing it through the machine several times
- I did a degradation of 2 colours
- I did a millefiori cane in several sizes
- I made beads with the millefori slices
- I succeeded baking the clay in the oven
- I understood that my white "Fimo Effect" is in fact not white but transparent
You will laugh if you see where I took the idea from: "Tuto petites fleurs en degrade 2" - Cristalline has great tutos, by the way...
But anyway, I am quite glad with the final result. I am sure that in few days, months and years I will be very critical about it, but for my first time - I feel it's a nice trial.

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