Thursday, April 10, 2008

Chapter I – the Aztec bangle designed by Paulette Baron and deciphered by “Little woman in the street”

It all started when I saw “Little woman in the street” ’s Aztec bangle she has deciphered from Paulette Baron B&B classes. The bangle was Beautiful and I was impressed!

The bangle resembles the jagged bracelet, but is made in a tubular form. Jagged Bracelet Scheme

“Little woman in the street” explained to me how she did it, but when I came to do it, it took me some time to understand the next step to transform flat to tubular zig-zag form.
During that time (trying to understand), I changed 2 or 3 times the colors and bead sizes I was beading. Apparently, that led me to a good color combination, mainly taking into account my limiting factors: only three 8/0 size colors in my bead guarderobe.
I bought the “third” 8/0 beads, after I saw “Little woman in the street”’s bangle, when I thought to myself that I should also try one like this. These czech beads are very special to me. They are yellow with brown stripes and they remind me of butterflies’ eggs. I really wanted to incorporate them in the following project I intended to do.
The "second" 8/0 beads I have - were a present I got from my dear friend Varda and this is also an occasion to thank her.
When I found the way, the right color combination and I was into it, I was waiting each turn of the spiral to arrive to that special “butterfly egg” bead. I even did several mistakes, incorporating them more than once – but after a raw you can see it and unpick.
When speaking with “Little woman in the street”, I asked if a collar was possible and we both agreed that it won’t be such a good idea…I came back home with a challenge in mind:
Can I make this bangle? Can I transform it into a collar?
For the first question – the answer was the easy part.
I took a picture of the process when it arrived to a bangle size but was persuaded to keep on to a collar. You can have a look on both sides of the bangle (one of my friends who saw that thought I made two of them, but it is one bangle only!).

*The pictures are from the 28.2.08.

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Anonymous said...

I love the Aztec bracelet. I can't make it to the show, is their anyway I can get the directions for the bracelet?