Thursday, June 7, 2012

26.5-7.6.12 Coco's 2nd Lace Workhsop (May 2012)

Beadwoven with C-lon thread and Matsuno bronze 11/0 seed beads.
Ouch.... It costed me a full 25 needles package of John James needles size 15!!!
It took me 4 times to success beading the motif without mistake. After so long I haven't been beading, that is still not so logical, but that is a fact.
I am so grateful for Coco for her endless generosity sharing this workshop (part I, II, III) on the Perles & Dent'elles blog.. THANK YOU COCO! It happened that I had finally the time to catch up and go over this blog as well as part of Coco's blog. Such beauties can be found there! I love so much these princesses jewelry.
The lace was planned  to go with a new dress I bought. However, when I tried them together, it doesn't seem to fit, because the beauty of the dress is in its V shape decolletage. It can fit another dress I have, though. 
The Workshop's  participants laces appears here.
The earrings are based on motif #2 with some personal interpretation.
Coco's 2nd Lace Necklace and earrings

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