Friday, June 15, 2012

15.6.12 Glass workshop with Ana Gautier

I had a nice opportunity to assist in a personal glass workshop with the talented international Glass artist, Ana Gautier. I first encountered her work about 3.5 years ago with a beautiful exhibit of her "glass balls in balls" necklace in the TLV Yanir glass gallery. She also sold there beautiful glass netted earrings that I put an eye on.
It was refreshing to experience this medium for the first time. Though I learned this specific medium of art is not for me, because it requires good drawing skills, in the air! It also requires to be cautious working with the burner. I am happy though to have a small glance into this world and can even appreciate it better now.
Above are the creations I made with the guidance of Ana. There was also a rose that broke on the way home, which is done very similarly to some Russian beaded roses I have beaded in the past.

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