Wednesday, June 20, 2012

19-20.6.12 Victoria's Earrings

I have recently bought a peach dress that reminds me of the 20ies (but since I am not a fashion expert, don't take me to the word).
I first thought this dress is really not me. The last thing I need now is a "good girl" dress look.
However, the shop seller really loved it on me and there was some charm in it, so I made an exception and took her. It was the first time I buy myself a garment in peach.
Now, I had to fit the dress an appropriate jewel because it was really missing.
Omer helped me to choose a fitting design and the lot felt on the beautiful fan-like Victoria earrings, originally designed by Marcia DeCoster (I, II). I really like her color combination with the metallic orange seed beads and the Fuchsia Swarovski. However, I also felt in love with the version that did Patrick Duggan and that was the one I wanted to wear.
So I tried to decipher the earrings based on the picture and it went on better than I thought, until I came to made the 2nd earring.
I don't know what was wrong with me while beading the 2nd earring, but I made so many mistakes and changes comparing to the 1st earring made. I was SO disappointed to have asymmetric earrings, but was SO lazy to make another one, like the 1st one. I consulted with Omer who told me we make mistakes, this is OK and sometimes we should live with this. Trying to correct all the mistakes is not always worth. Maybe yes and maybe no.
This time, I chose to listen to him, even if I feel very bad not having a perfect symmetric pair.

Front of Earrings
Back of Earrings
Back of Earrings

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