Wednesday, August 8, 2012

8.8.12 Presents for the Kindergarten teachers

Eshchar has just finished his first kindergarten year. In the 2nd part of the year he moved to the young toddlers class with 2 kindergarten teachers and an assistant. He has been often sick this year, mainly viruses and standard childhood diseases. It wasn't obvious, but seems to be quiet common at this age and hopefully strengthened his immunity system.
The teachers were very caring. I really felt self-assured he is being kept in good hands.
To thank them for all their love and caring to the children, among them to Eshchar, I made them some small beadwoven presents.
There was a party about a week ago in which Eshchar received plenty of gifts. One of them was a spiral notebook with his creations, drawings, stickers and scribblings. I was overwhelmed to see the investment in each of the presents and in this notebook. The teachers made it very personal, cropped  the childs' pictures of the appropiate creation period and sticked them beside.

For Avezo, full of optimism and good energies, patience and trust in Eshchar, I beaded a pair of Gwen Fisher - DNA Earrings. She loves turquoise and bottle green, so this is the combo I chose, though I should have taken turquoise bugle beads for the background. Avezo, immediately loved it and wore them :-) 
It made me especially happy to score for her taste. 

Gwen Fisher DNA earrings for Avezo

Batya is a great cooker and I learnt from her a rescuing recipee for the period Eshchar was approximately between 5 to 8 months. It is a baby soup, based on chicken breast and root vegetables. It was the only crushed salty food he would devor. I thought that small and delicate earrings would fit her, so I prepared her a version on a pair of Mosaico Earrings designed by Meggie Meister.

Meggie Meister Mosaico Earrings version for Batya

Finally, for one of the assistants, full of joy of life, I prepared a Preciosa TWIN - Rivoli Pendant, designed and kindly shared by SashaSi. This was an opportunity to use for the first time the Twin beads with double holes. Since 2006, I don't remember to have beaded another pendant. On the way, the Rivoli broke after falling on the floor, but luckily it was still in a stage I could replace it with a new one. Hope she will love it.

SashaSi TWIN-Rivoli Pendant for Diana

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Nili Marcia said...

kol ha kavod for making such nice gifts to thank the teachers. There is great mutual respect here I see.