Wednesday, May 23, 2012

20-23.5.12 Reproduction trial of BeadMatrix Automn leaves Earrings

I don't remember how I came across these leaves earrings of Catherine Ross (BeadMatrix), but for sure I found them spectacular. Maybe it was through the Etsy beadweavers challenges.
Anyway, meantime that I am at home and I can rarely find the time to bead (yes, funny how in-obvious it became), I put them in my earrings wishlist to decipher.
They were more challenging than I thought and I still didn't solve how this beautiful creation was exactly beaded.
Here is my version, which is too curly to my opinion, but Omer loves it. There are several places which I didn't find the path to, such as the area next to the earwires. Still, I love the colors very much and just love this design!
Trying to reproduce a pair made me only appreciate more what a bright mind could design and create them.

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