Monday, January 11, 2010

10-11.1.10 Surprise Birthday presents, Watches recycling and the Blue Pitaya Earrings for Dvorah

Sis Dvorah is going to be 35 years old in 11 days. Her oldest adorable child and her husband are preparing her a surprise party tomorrow.
It's been months since Dvorah gave me some watches she asked me to fix. I was quiet reluctant and kept postponing it.
Recently, Mom brought me Dvorah's bead collection she used to have as an adolescent, while playing with polymer clay jewels she was making.
I can't believe I managed yesterday to fix the watches thanks to beads' "recycling" and also repaired a pendant that Mom asked me to. What a relief!!! I am not sure the watches look better now, but at least she can put them on.
Now the thing is that the blue watch was an example, or "archetype" Dvorah gave me in order to repair the pink one in the same way of stringing and size (an elastic thread was originally used, which didn't last too much, as expected and many beads were lost).
Dad gave me a hint that I can make my sister earrings for her birthday and reminded me she likes the blue ( how can I forget?? :-]). Since all this happened so quickly, I had left only two days to prepare something. So I decided to make the Pitaya earrings (designed by Mariposa, as I have made recently), but was missing something to decorate or elongate it. Eureka! Two of the beads from the blue watch fits perfectly to the Pitaya earrings. So I did something I am not used to and unpicked the "archetype" watch, repaired it and took the beads I wanted for the earrings :-)
Now, I hope she will like it and not kill me ;-)

Last, some new beads I bought on Friday in Jerusalem, in the Avgad store, probably for future earrings....

The party was nice, but surprisingly Dvorah didn't seem surprised?! To make the long story short, it happens that she organized herself a surprise party with full cooperation of her oldest son, so you can just guess whose surprise it was ;-)


tita said...

Los pendientes preciosos y los relojes bien originales

Girasole said...

The earrings are very nice. I think, Dvorah will be very happy.

Ági mama said...

Wonderful works! Congratulations!!

khahina said...

So nice pitaya

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