Saturday, December 26, 2009

25-26.12.09 Chinese Pitaya Earrings

In fact, the Pitaya is an exotic fruit, quiet tasty, which comes in several variations. I also have the plant on my balcony, it's a kind of cactus, which up to this day, gave only 2 impressive flowers, which felt down and have never bared any fruit :-(
The Pitaya earrings are pictured on a Pitango tree which gives tasty fruits only when they are very ripe, even already on earth, otherwise it is sour. The Pitango tree is so beautiful these days, changing its fruits color from the green, through orange, to the strong red. I really like walking aside on the way to work and see each day how the colors are gradually changing.

Thanks to Tali (רוצהM) who kindly translated Mariposa's beautiful Pitaya Beaded bead design, I was quiet motivated to try it. See what beautiful earrings Mariposa made in her Golden Pitaya Dragon Eggs and here as well. Thank you both!
In these earrings, I managed to I kill 2 birds at once, since I also tried Diane Fitzgerald's netted tube - (Netted Beadwork, pp.81-85) only that I used 16 instead of 32 seed beads to begin the tube, at the size of 15/0. A small problem arise when attaching the tube based on 4 to the BB based on 5, but I somehow managed to connect it.
Last, after 4 different fringes trials, I found one variation that was "heavy" enough, not too long and with enough presence/volume to complete those. To me, they remind of a lucky Chinese Symbol.
The Pitaya BB itself takes about 1 hr and 1/4.


Mariposa said...

What a sweet idea, I like it. Well done, Judith!

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!