Sunday, December 13, 2009

5-13.12.09 Saartje Booties for Nomnom's baby

When Nomnom chose the blue and yellow and said "no way pink" it was obvious it is a baby boy, but she won't tell till next April 2010 :-)
Surprisingly, I didn't enjoy making these free pattern Saartje booties. I don't like the way they came out ( it's not neat enough to my taste, the sewing is too much obvious and can be even disturbing, there are too too many weavings at the end, it took much more time than other crochet booties I made AND one of the stripes came out really ugly :-( ).
I am sure there are enough people that will disagree with me. Up to this day there are 6688 Ravelry knitters that did it :-) One of them which I find SO CUTE, ORIGINAL and geniously talented are "Saganaga" versions here, here and here. Just have a look at her projects in Raverly! It's really a must ;-)
The booties were knitted with 2 3.75mm needles with Double cotton thread.

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