Saturday, December 26, 2009

2.10-26.12.09 Echarpe Volante knitted with Omer's needles

In a difficult period, this scarf knitting "Echarpe a volants" (Bergère de France n°132, In > 21 - Echarpe) was a great therapy for me. It was very very long to knit and I thought I was becoming mad, but I succeeded to finish it!!!
By the way, the needles I used which appear in the pictures, were handmade by Omer (!!!) and are of size 9mm.
I got the idea to make it following my visit to La Bouclaine, this summer in France. Thanks Marie for your help with it!
By the way, the 2 100m skeins are mohair (Bleu canard de Le mohair des fermes de France - Caresse) and smells so warm and gentle... They served as a great cuddling stuff along the way back from Barcus, back to Spain.

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