Monday, February 9, 2009

9.2.09 Corsage Poinsettia Rose Flower and Roses Crochet along for February

I made the Corsage Flower based on the instructions in "The Crochet Bible" book by Sue Whiting, p.118 (n.b. excellent book for crochet basics). Too lazy to recount the 87 first chain stitches, I ended up with extra chains I had to carry on with, all the way along. I also altered while working around the strip to make it spiral and chose the Delicate Pom-Pom Center ( Crochet Bouquet p.36) and a drop bead to fill the center.

The Rose leaves (Crochet Bouquet p.113-114) came up too small compared to the rose. Missed the leaflet stems, so it came up quiet bushy.

26.2.09 Aposteriori, I discovered we are crocheting roses in the crochet along project for February. You still have 2 days to join us ;-)

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khahina said...

Nice Work

I hope this colours will calling the sun back .