Sunday, February 1, 2009

1.2.09 Inciteful news - Judith's single crochet is not single crochet

I've just discovered that all what I thought in the past two months to be "single crochet, double crochet, treble crochet and so on" is in fact a mistaken perception of mine.
I am working on a hat for Omer and I was doing some "Judith single crochet" rows. I showed the texture to Omer and put it next to the corresponding picture in the bible crochet book. He didn't notice similarity. So did I, only that I insisted that this is single crochet and that should be the same as in the picture. He still didn't find any similarity. I then decided to double check myself and went to see a youtube video on single crochet. First row is OK, that what I am doing as far as today. Second row:

What??????? You enter with the hook under both threads of a chain and not only the back one????
but in all the pictures they demonstrate the technique by entering a chain and only in one of the loops! They don't show the second row...

Yep, funny, but you can't imagine what a great feeling it is to do mistakes :-)
I lived 2 months doing something which was not what I thought it was! This is a discovery :-D


Sarah Dungan said...

You know, I did that too....back loop crochet instead of normal single crochet...for three entire scarves!

judith27k said...

That's amusing :-)
How did you discover you were not doing it as defined?

Sigal said...

I have a surprise for you her:

With love :-)