Thursday, February 26, 2009

25.2.09 Ciao Raffaella!

The "Scallop-Edge Leaf" from "Crochet Bouquet" p.116-117.

I offered the following three brooches to Raffaella which is going back to Italy (Milano).
No more Italian lessons for the moment :-[

Should I start Japanese instead?
Anyway, I hope we'll keep in touch and that our trio will maintain some Italian activities, because that course was much more than just learning a new language.

Irish Lace Motifs, "Crocheting School" p.61 and a Delicate Pom-Pom Center from "Crochet Bouquet" p.36.

Narcisse, "Crocheted Flowers" book by Nicky Epstein p.48-49 with a Delicate Pom-Pom Center.

Fancy Veined Leaf, "Crochet Bouquet" p.123-125.

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Ági mama said...

Beautiful works! Congratulations.!