Wednesday, June 9, 2010

9.6.10 Pinwheel Earrings for Milda

When we were in Sion and Milda saw my turquoise pinwheel earrings, she really liked them.
I proposed to make her a pair and she knew exactly the colors she wanted these earrings to be!
That was great fun, because she did half work for me :-)
Milda imagined the exact order and colors of the earrings as follow: coral, chocolate brown, coffee cream and black.
I had to try this strange color combination that I would never thought of.
I started one earring immediately after I came back to Israel and then it took some time to move to the next one. When I got to Brussels, I knew I would meet her, so I took the opportunity to keep the second earring in the hotel there (from which the first 2 pictures were taken).
Milda went back to her home country one day before I had the chance to finish the pair.
So the earrings waited for her in Israel till she came to visit.
I must say I never saw someone as happy and excited as she was when she saw the earrings.
Honestly, this combination came out to be superb (instead of the coffee cream that I didn't have in seed beads, I used a half transparent peach color) and amazing on her! I was very happy too.

For the convenience, I put below the links to the previous pinwheel earrings I made:
1, 2, 3 (based on a June Huber's Peyote Pinwheel Earrings motive).


Kat_G said...

Ohhh My God!!
These earrings are so gorgeus!!

Lucyana said...

bellissimi :) complimenti :)