Tuesday, June 22, 2010

22.6.10 Scottish Thistle Spiral inspired by "Charming Things"

This too was one of my unfinished projects that I didn't gave up on on one hand, but couldn't finish on the other. Nevertheless, I managed to accomplish it after 2 years!
On one of my beadwork net exploration, I encountered the amazing Flickr of Natalia, nicknamed as Charming Things. She has this gorgeous "My Sweetheard Necklace and Earrings" (1,2,3) that I really felt a urge to reproduce.
I knew the flower was similar to Diane Fitzgerald's Scottish Thistle (in her book "The Beaded Garden", pp.47-49) and thus made a bigger flower and a small flower bud.
For the spiral, I didn't make a RAW, but experienced with the Primary Twist Spiral By Beth Stone, from B&B August 2005, pp.82-83. There exists a free version called "La résille tubulaire", written down by Océanie Créations, here.
As for the clasp, this is a secret.


BeadKnitter said...

Your necklace is beautiful!

Kat_G said...

Una maravilla de collar!!

Michelle Mach said...

I like that it took you 2 years. It gives the rest of us hope that our unfinished projects may someday be finished too!

Eszter said...

Beautiful necklace, I love it! When I showed it to my boyfriend, he said "Cooool!". :)

KATY said...

WONDERFUL ! It was worth finishing it !!!