Thursday, July 23, 2009

23.7.09 Flower Focal designed by Julia Gerlach

Originally, this flower was supposed to be designed as a columbine flower. However, Julia Gerlach came out with another beautiful design based on the flat RAW (pp.74-76 in Bead and Button special issue: Beading Basics: Right-Angle Weave). I really like this design and shape, but I didn't keep on with the spurs and prefered to leave it this way. If you are experienced with RAW, each petal takes about 10-15 mn.
Now that I looked at it, it reminds of the filigree flower I did a year ago, but I think this one is much more impressing and beautiful in its shape, proportion and design .


Anamcara said...

Very cute flower.

judith27k said...

Thank you Anamcara!