Saturday, July 25, 2009

25.7.09 A WE with Tamar & Sarah in Jerusalem

Tamar and Sarah were so happy to be with their grandma. When I first saw them, they were jangling in the small swimming pool on the flowering balcony, inviting me to join.
I preferred not too, its not exactly my size... Anyway, after this refreshing afternoon they looked so cute for Shabat, that I decided I must take some pictures of them. So... I want to show off :-)

Sarah and her adopted "dubonet" (female teddy bear):

Sarah and Tamar posing to the camera:

Tamar found the camera a very attractive toy. To be honest, I was surprised of the very good pictures she took (look below at one of them). That was so fun seeing her so enthusiastic, trying to catch in her scoop all the street flowers. She even mentioned later a flower she recognized as the same as a pair of flower earrings I made to mom, but to be honest, I am not sure what this cute girl calling me the "Queen of beads" was talking about :-[

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