Sunday, January 9, 2011

8-9.1.11 Baby Cocoon by Angie Hartley

Most of the cocoon was knitted with the 9mm size circular needles and the decrease part with my dear husband homemade 4 double pointed needles (about 8mm size). For the thread, I used 4 threads together, working each time with 2 skeins in parallel. My choice was for the Medium size, so the dimensions came out 24cmX49cm. Following the pattern, I started the decrease in round 3. It is mistakenly omitted from the pattern that you start using the double pointed needles when you reach the decrease part. However, since I changed my needles size, I made each even round twice, except round 12 since the thread was running out. I am very pleased with the result. It is an easy and fun cloth. Hope it will still be relevant for poupik. In total, it took me about ~12 knitting hrs , but I am apparently a slow knitter.
Even if the pictures below were taken on 10.6.11, the cocoon is very relevant for Jerusalem's weather at night.

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