Sunday, January 16, 2011

14-16.1.11 5 Peas in a Pod by Hansi Singh

Peas in a Pod instructions designed by Hansi Singh (Hansigurumi) appears in her book Amigurumi Knits (pp.44-47 open pod).
I used a 2mm dpn to form a 11.5 cm length (+stalk) on 2.5 cm width open pod.
Since the work with 2mm dpn from wood was really hard and finger aching, I also used a normal short pair of 2mm size needles and a crochet hook size 2, to pick up the sts for the peas. 
Even after using 2mm size needles to get a smaller result, it still came out too big to fit the newborn hat I wanted to decorate. 
3 peas wouldn’t fit in this length of pod, so I had to make 5 of them. The 5th one is a bit smaller (I increased to 12 sts instead of 16 (2 increases instead of 4) in round #3 and omitted round #6). 
I sewed an I-cord based on 4 sts, knitted on 10 rounds.
This is my first knitted object designed by Hansi that I am knitting. I was a bit hesitating before starting one of her designs since I knew there were errata in some of the patterns and some of them are quiet advanced ones. 
I must say again and again that Hansi is a genius. I was so admirative of the design, the perfectness, the thought and the knowledge behind the pattern. It is really Woow, even if it doesn’t come out exactly as in the book pictures.
One more important remark is the following (cited from the tips and tricks in the Hansigurumi Group): 
“Several group members have noticed that stitches should be picked up clockwise to avoid a purl row on the right side of the knitting.”
This means that if you look at p.47 in the regular reading orientation, on the peapod in Fig.1 (in the “Amigurumi Knits” book), the short thread of the yarn (end) should be at your left (closest to the upper existing pea), whereas the working thread should be at your right (facing the empty pod). This should prevent from you to mess up having purlwise peas.

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