Wednesday, March 10, 2010

28.2-10.3.10 Turquoise Indian Amphora for Mom

Mom came back from India with this amphore and kindly asked me to prepare for her a nicer necklace, such as a nice spiral. So here is the "before":

and "after":
closed amphora:
opened amphora:


AuntieAnnie said...

Beautiful spiral. Complements the amphora perfectly.

judith27k said...

Thank you Annie! said...

I like your spiral!

...zur Zeit sind`s die Perlen said...

Wow Judith, it´s so lovely,i like this necklace,and the colors.. very very nice... Judith i have sent you before some time a sunshine award, I think you have not received my e-mail, when you want,you go on my blog and take it,comes from heart, everything loves, greetings Andrea