Monday, March 15, 2010

15.3.10 Tso Flower Ring

The original six petal flower project appears for free in B&B website and is based on the explanation of the new yet familiar Tso stitch that contains elements of peyote and right angle wave (B&B April 2010 Issue 96, pp.18-19). Hsiao-Hsuan (Eddy) Tso (kikiba), who stands behind this stitch, has published in B&B website some of her masterpieces works and is a very original and talented beadwork artist (to visit her gallery there, click here). She also has an etsy shop under the nick kiki8800, now also selling beads, in addition to booklets and original jewelry.

I first encountered her work few months ago and fell in love with her 5-petal special flower, such as in this creation she did. I was very curious to know how to make them and contacted her for more information. It took some time but I finally had the great surprise to receive the B&B magazine and see that they have published the secret of the Tso stitch :-)
Evidently, I had to try it immediately and started with 11/0 instead of 8/0 seed beads. I quickly realized, that it would become too big to my taste even in 11/0. So I had to move to size 15/0 seed beads and work with a size 15 needle, which make the work harder (since the holes are smaller and you need to go over several times) and probably longer ( several hrs, maybe 4 to 5).
I managed to finish this project even if I was a bit dissapointed from the stitch after expectation of 1 whole year from now. It feels like if there is an error, it can be difficult to spot immediately and almost impossible to repair, unless you unpick a lot!
Anyway, I admire Eddy for her creativity and patience to bead so many of these flowers creating lovely colourful and lively necklaces with this stitch.
I was too lazy even to make a couple of earrings, so I stopped in 5 petals and made a ring out of it.


Fran said...

Hi. Found your blog by googling "tso stitch". I just downloaded the bracelet how-to from Bead and Button and had never heard of that stitch before. Now I don't know whether to go ahead or not! I really like the look though.

What diameter is the flower on your ring?



judith27k said...

Thank you Fran for your visit and comment!
The diameter of the flower is 3 cm (with 15/0). I would say that you should try it out and decide if you like it or not. Nevertheless, if you are not so much familiar working with 15/0, then it would be better to try with 11/0 which have big holes, such as with TOHO seed beads. In the last case, the flower can be nice as a pendant or for a cuff decoration.

Mari said...

Wow!!! its looks very pretty!!! I'm going to try to do it!!!