Friday, December 12, 2008

12.12.08 My first crochet experiences - Pinky flowers

I have started crocheting today. I sat on the couch with two books one upon the other, The first was Sue Whiting' s book "The Crochet Bible" and the second one was SuzannThomson's "Crochet Bouquet" book. A lot of trial and error, I got to make those flowers which are so geniusly fantastic. It make me feels I want to make more and more of them! Maybe not as Suzan's flowering cap but still :-)

After I saw Varda crochet flowers - it was a must for me to get the book, even if I didn't know crochet. I still have a lot of mistakes and I am sure I have plenty of new things to learn but this is a real good feeling to have started.

Please pardon me for all my errors here ;-)

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