Friday, August 12, 2011

31.7-12.8.11 Crochet Cables and Lace Broomstick Hat by Kristin Omdahl

Wouuuaaaou…. One Cotton thread skein was exactly sufficient for the hat (125m/50gr). 

This project is a truly charming and challenging design. 

I regret only one thing: the thread color I chose that makes me look so pale :-( 
I have learned so many things in this project. I managed after many trials to understand how to make the cable lace and it makes me feel really good about it. In order not to forget and also help others with the same difficulty, I have taken a short movie on how to do a module of the cable part from row 3 to 6.

In Row 9-120 I repeated row 3-6 15 times instead of 13, so to fit my head circumferences with the thinner thread I used as compared to the recommendation. It made this part 126 rows instead of 120. 

In the bottom edging I mistakenly worked on the WS, but it still looks fine. 

In rnd 1 of the hat body, I used a 20mm hook, which was an idea I took from MsCooper Ravelry member. 
I also skipped Rnd 4, since I had the feeling it would come out too high if I keep this rnd. 
Finally, after fastening off and pulling tightly with a yarn needle through the last row, the closure looked quiet ugly and not circular, but rather fluffy. Therefore, I added another rnd,just picking a loop in between each bundle of 4 threads, using 3 crochet hooks ( as if doing dp needle knitting) and then went through all with the tail remaining and pulling tight. This way, it looks much better.

Finally, the loop technique that was also new to me, together with the adaptations and the crochet cable technique that I’ve learned, gave me great satisfaction.


Unknown said...

Please give me access to the video for the cable band on the lace and broomstick hat. Thank.

judith27k said...

that should be fixed by now