Monday, July 4, 2011

26.6-4.7.11 Crocheted Dodecahedron for Eshchar

Eshchar at 2.5 months

The modules were done following the Crocheted Dodecahedron by Marleen Hartog.

However, the assembly instructions of the ”Dodecahedron Thingymabob” by Amy Thornton can be very helpful. There is also the ”Celestine Crochet” instructions by Betsy Myles, but Amy’s version to it going  from the inwards towards the outwards is much more right to my opinion, giving a neater final result.

It took me 4 days to accomplish the 12 modules, about 1hr each and 2 more days to assemble all the parts. The rattle toy contains a small round bell that Omer gave me from his fishing stuff. I put in in one of the German bead boxes I found in Passau.

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