Thursday, March 24, 2011

25.11.10 - 22.3.11 Mom present Inspired from the "Harmonious array" Necklace & Snivli's cabochon

The "Harmonious Array"necklace appears in Bead & Button magazine, February 2009, Issue 89, pp.36-39.
Once I received this issue and saw the necklace on its cover, I immediately knew I wanted to bead it for mom, but it took about 2 years to make it true. This beautiful necklace, also called "Renâitre des Cendres" was designed by Maria Teresa Ferreira. Maria has also a blog called "Piu Bella Bijoux", that you can visit here.
However, I made some changes and several adaptations as compared to the original design. For example, the length of all the necklace parts differ from Maria's necklace and are all shorter, especially the central donut. Additionally, I didn't bead the peyote+embroidery cabochon, but instead beaded a cabochon based on Snivli's Vintage Cabochon tutorial , in her worthy blog: Bead Fantasy. This is a great gift for the beaders community since this cabochon is so simple and yet so elegant, beautiful and impressing. I really appreciate Snivli's design.
As oppose to Snivli's tuto, I have used round 11/0 Matsuno and 15/0 Japanese beads only (with 4 or 5 mm faceted multicuts) and made some small changes in the last rounds to better adapt my cabochon in the beadwork.
I really recommend you to try it.
My modifications are as follow. Once you get to the upper part of the cabochon (2nd stage):
  • Bead two herringbone rows with round Japanese 11/0 in color A.
  • In the next row: *One herringbone stitch with round Japanese 11/0 in color B and then string 3A to be connected to the next herringbone pair. Make sure to have high tension during the work*. Repeat* to end of row and step up. You will also note the cabochon starts to sit in the beadwork in the end of the row .
  • The next row is made up with *stringing 3 round Japanese 15/0 between the two beads of the herringbone pair from last row and stringing 2A in between the herringbone pairs*. Repeat* till end of row, making sure to pull tight all along the row.
  • String 3 round Japanese 15/0 between each 15/0 picot from last row.
Giving this present to mom, I meant to thank her for all she does for me.
Well, it was worthy :-) to finish beading it since she was very happy to receive it.


....zur Zeit ist es die Sticki von Janome die mich ganz fest im Griff hat..... said...

Hello Judith, this is an amazing necklace, the color are so beautiful, i like it, i hope you are fit ;o) have a nice summer, kind regards and kisses Andrea

KATY said...

Splendid ! I love the colours !!!

judith27k said...

Thank you Andrea and Katy!

Coco said...

J'adore les couleurs et le bijou !

judith27k said...

Merci chere Coco!